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    Concert was the first genre of photography that I fell in love with. I shot a friend's band and at the end of the night, I was both exhilarated and exhausted. I felt very similar to times when I had performed onstage live with one of the many bands I've played bass and guitar with over the years. I immediately began seeking out more opportunities and learned as much as I could about concert photography. I refined what I discovered on my own with some instruction from Igor Vidyashev. I also studied photojournalism with Jane McMichael to tell stories with my photography. I began shooting and writing concert reviews for Addicted Magazine in 2015 and now serve as its music editor. I love not only covering concerts but also managing and mentoring a team of contributors and curating our content for quality and consistency.


    At the same time, I began shooting street photography every day during commutes to and from downtown. I discovered my own style pretty quick and still continue to actively look to make great street photos. Personal photography is my latest passion and am now booking portrait and headshot sessions.


    Well, thanks! Without you, it's just a snapshot of a building. With you, at the very least, it's a photograph. If I did my job right, it's a visual short story open to interpretation by anyone who sees it.
    If you'd like a low resolution copy for yourself, feel free to download it from this site. If you repost it on social media or email it around to your friends and family, please credit me and tell everyone why you love the photo. And please don't crop out my watermark. If you'd like a high resolution, non-watermarked image for printing, feel free to contact me to discuss. If you'd rather not be on this website, please contact me.
    Additionally, if I have taken a photograph of you, with your permission, I can offer the image up for sale on stock image websites where both of us may possibly be financially compensated, if it is licensed. Contact me and I'll email you a model release.